Bed Bug Preparation List

o Remove all sheets, pillows and bedding material. Seal them in a plastic bag until they can be cleaned to prevent the infestation from spreading.  

o Wash sheets and bedding in soap and hot water. Items that cannot be washed, such as bedspreads and draperies, should be dried at high temperatures for one hour (only high heat eliminates eggs in these items). This will also be necessary for clothing or bedding stored beneath beds or in dressers where bed bugs are discovered.  

o Everything that can be laundered should be laundered before treatment and placed in plastic bags. This includes stuffed animals and other soft articles.  

o Place the clean items in new, unused plastic bags and tie closed. Do not bring bags of clean laundry into the home until after the service is performed.  

o Clear all floors of loose items such as toys, change, trash, etc. including floors in closets and interior storage. Place all items in sealed plastic bags for laundering or disposal.  

o Don’t move items to another home or room during treatment. You may spread bed bugs to the other areas and may reintroduce bed bugs to your newly treated home later, when you retrieve your belongings.  

o Ensure all items are removed from dresser tops and within dressers, nightstands, bookshelves, coffee tables, etc.  

o All wood furniture, CD and tape stands must be turned over and inspected for bed bugs and their eggs.  

o Move all furniture and bed frames at least 18” from the wall so we can inspect and treat the carpet edge and baseboards where bed bugs prefer to hide.  

o Lean mattresses and box springs against the wall for inspection and treatment in small crevices and tufts. Upholstered furniture (couches and chairs) will need to be inspected and treated. Remove and bag throws, pillows and slip covers, and dry at high temperatures. Vacuum deep into crevices with a crevice attachment.  

o Aquariums: disconnect the air pump and cover the top with a plastic bag or sheet.  

o Birds, dogs, cats and other pets must be completely removed from the residence.  

o All furniture containing potential hiding crevices such as bookshelves and desks, should be emptied.  

o Remove all clutter, boxes, bags, etc.  

o Vacuum the entire carpet with a crevice attachment, especially the edges.

o Vacuum floors, furniture and inside closets, dresser drawers and bed stands. Also vacuum mattresses and box springs. Dispose of vacuum bag.  

o Seal the vacuum bag in a plastic bag and discard in an outside trash bin.

o Purchase mattress covers for mattress and box springs. 

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